I am an ornamental expressionism style painter, ceramics and fabrics creator, loving to depict a world that pulses with excess and variety, but where everything is balanced and connected.

When I was a child I thought I would become a poet. I loved to create with words. But after numerous paintings of pegasus horses and winning few drawing contests at schools, my parents suggested I should better create "visual poems".

When I was just 12 I started attending Painting school in my hometown Panevezys.  

After graduating simultaneously from High School and the School of Fine Arts, I successfully achieved a four year bachelor degree in Audiovisual Arts at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts.

I worked as an Art Director in advertising industry for several years. Then I moved abroad in search of inspiration amongst new surroundings. Since then, I have worked as a Visual Designer in Belgium; Art Director in Sweden; when eventually I moved to Amsterdam, where I worked as a Lead Digital Designer and later, Visual Designer at De Telegraaf Media Group. 

Since 2013 I'm also founder of design label Ingaga Porcelain, of which I'm also a designer and a maker. 

I am a visual poet. And this is an attitude I am taking while creating art. I want to bring the metaphor of the light and positive world, especially I like naive style, decorative elements and bold shapes. But playfulness is my language, not my subject.
With my artworks I am communicating that everything is interconnected in our planet, that every event causes a reaction, even if unnoticed in the moment. There is interconnection even if it seems unrelated to each other in time, space, or to other living creatures. My painting style is ornamental expressionism; I avoid using perspective, as it pushes the viewer away from the painting. I invites viewers to feel surrounded by the objects and to become part of it.

I live and work in in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

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"Balance is everywhere."

Inga Kaupelyte - Ingaga


2018 March - Exhibition "Butterfly Effect" at The Lithuanian Embassy / The Hague, NL

2017 January - February – Exhibition at Word Alchemists / Amsterdam, NL 

2015 – 1st place winner “Catrinas in Nederland” exhibition / Amsterdam, NL

2014 – 2015 Exhibition at Jam Workspace / Amsterdam, NL

2010 – 2014 Yearly participant at the Art exhibition “LT.art.NL” / Amsterdam, NL

2010 – Exhibition “Lithuanian Art 2000-2010: 10 Years Retrospective” / Vilnius, LT


"Be happy!" creative documentary film, 15min. / 2004:

2005 – TV broadcast SMC TV, TV 1 / LT

         – International film festival Kino Pavasaris / Vilnius, LT

         – “Next festival” cinema ”Lietuva” / Vilnius, LT

2004 – Exground filmfestival / Wiesbaden, DE

         – Festival „Kulturos tvartas” / Vilnius, LT

         – Festival „Tinklai“ / LT

         – Premiere at the cinema „Skalvija“ / Vilnius, LT


2004 – Earth Art & Video Performance at the group exhibition “Horizons” / LT

1998 – 1st place winner at The Miniature Painting contest / Panevezys, LT