Let's start!

So this is how the project started:

1. I made sketches, lots and lots of them in different composition and colors. I researched on penguin imagery, Antarctic landscape and even about the plants that can be found in Antarctic ocean. Since penguins spend half of their life in the water, I will place few diving in there.

2018-01-11 20.16.48.jpg


2. Canvas and materials. I needed canvas and frame which I could disassemble for shipping, stretch and remove the painting from canvas multiple times. I was lucky that one great art supply team helped to set it up perfectly. I chose acrylic paint, as oil paint would take too long to dry (around one year), and acrylic is better for the style I am making this painting.



3. Let's start! It feels amazing to paint on such a large scale canvas, even if by the end of the day I can feel a bit of pain in the back and in my arms, but it's so much fun! I started "settling" first penguins into the painting, and I am aiming to paint around 100 penguins. 

4 copy.JPG
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