Welcome to the colony!

At the end of 2017 I launched a Kickstarter project for an art commission to raise awareness of endangered Penguins colonies. The project was successfully funded, so I am working on it and aim to finish it by the end of February 2018.


Here's more: 

I would like to create awareness of a recent disaster that happened in Antarctica through a large scale painting. 

Me painting (photo credits neringasunday.com)

Me painting (photo credits neringasunday.com)

A month ago I heard a heartbreaking story. Thousands of baby penguins starved to death in Antarctica. To show the scale of such a tragic event, I decided to make painting, which will depict a penguins’ colony. 



I invite you to join my project. I will paint as many penguins as you tell me to through your contribution. Each penguin will portrait the contributor’s name. With your help, we will together raise awareness by showing the magnitude of this problem. The painting will be exhibited in multiple places. 

What is your reward? 

  • For every $5 that you contribute, I will paint one penguin with your name on it. Make sure you write your first name as you'd like it to appear.

This is the scale/size of painting that I visualize

  • If you pledge €50, you will receive a high quality/archival and signed print of the painting so that you can frame and exhibit where you like. (€30 a smaller version)

If you pledge €100, you will receive a small original oil painting on canvas of your penguin with your name from 'The Grand Painting of Penguins'

If you pledge €200 or more, you will receive a version of the painting in a 185x150cm high quality machine knitted wool and acrylic blend blanket. In that way you will keep a version of all the penguins from the painting. 

An example of the blanket with another design that I've made

  • If you pledge €300, I will paint your penguin covered with pure gold of 22-karat leaf with your name.

A painting example where I used gold leaf in the process

The money that I raise will help me finance material, my work, but most importantly it will give me the basis to start other projects that I have in mind to bring art to the world while raising awareness about environmental problems, and contribute to make a better world for our children and the children of our children. 

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