Greetings from the studio

Here are the challenges that I was facing in the last few weeks:

  • Composition: I had to settle 100 penguins with their chests visible as big as I could write down your names, some consisting even 10 letters! But it went well, and now all the penguins, families and chicks, couples or single birdies are in their places. There is no perspective, like in all of my paintings I reject varnishing point, which is so helpful as all of you have the same importance in the painting.
  • Chicks: I had to repaint all the chicks as it turned out I was having Emperor Penguin chicks with Adelie Penguin parents! Adelie chicks are very different, they are all dark brownish from head to feet, as Emperor chicks are lighter with black & white heads, the ones we're used to see on the cartoons. 
  • Colors: as we know, Antarctica doesn't have rich variety of colors, but the more I continued researching visual material about it and it's habitants, the more colors I found. For example, we might think, penguins are just black and white, but no, it's actually ivory white with lots of blueish reflections from the surroundings. There will be few green I want to show that there is life in Antarctica with lots of relations of one element with another!
  • Keep posted for more updates soon, and as I mentioned earlier, if you are curious how the painting is going in detail and behind the scenes, you can follow me on Instagram or just take a look on my profile:

    Meanwhile, I keep on working. 

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