The painting is completed!

Long awaited news!

It has been a very busy month for me working intensely on the Grand painting of Penguins. Meanwhile, in Antarctica researches have just discovered a big Adelie penguins colony! Article link Very happy of hearing these news. Of course, protection efforts have to continue and to strengthen. This is a critical hidden spot for them, that hopefully will be protected from humans. Unfortunately, not all happy news, as other breeds such as King penguins are facing tough challenges with warming temperatures Article link.

On my side, The Grand Painting of Penguins is finally completed, consisting of 103 penguins with all backers names, including one anonymous guy who is turning to the other side. It's painted with premium acrylic paint on linen canvas, 190x142cm / 75x56in size. 


Write here…

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Hope you like it!

I'm moving on with print preparations, signing prints, packaging and shipping to the ones who backed for prints, A4 and A3 sizes. 

Plus there are 12 penguins waiting to be painted for those of you who opted for an original artwork. And the good news for those backers is that I decided to make your paintings twice as bigger, 24x30cm, so that your penguin will be exactly same size as in the painting! 

In case that for any reason you want the shipping address to be changed, please email me at as soon as possible.

Once again, thanks to you all for backing this penguin painting project! 

I will keep you posted about the exhibition of the painting to reach wider audiences. At the moment I am in contact with few environmental event organizers.

And if you are curious about my further projects and my artwork, you can follow me in Instagram

Be well and happy spring!


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